National Life Group Reviews How to Help Those in Need

National Life Group reviews show a company that is committed to the betterment of the lives of their employees and their customers. With a company motto of “Do good. Be good. Make good,” there really wasn’t a question of how they were going to spend their advertising dollars during the Super Bowl. Instead of investing in a lavish Super Bowl commercial, which would have cost millions of dollars for 30 seconds of airtime, National Life Group reviews show that the company decided to utilize their funds to sponsor a Super Bowl Party at the Miami Homeless Agency. National Life Group reviews show that the decision to host the party came easily. While the spotlight was on the players, the needs of those in need in Miami was left in the shadows.

With thousands upon thousands of tourists and media descending on the area, National Life Group reviews show the company invited those in need to the Lotus House homeless shelter for women and children on Super Bowl Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was provided to all who visited by the National Life Group team. Super Bowl weekend is a celebration of food all over the United States. People around the country gather around snacks and family and friends to watch the big game. The emphasis on food made the decision to host meals for those in need at the host city of the big game perfect for Mehran Assadi, the Chairman, CEO and President of National Life Group. Assadi explained saying, “Considering that there’s a lot of celebratory eating going on in Miami Super Bowl weekend, it made sense to us to do our part.”

National Life Group reviews show estimates of just under 2,000 meals being served at the Lotus House during the weekend. During the big game, all children and women were treated to a special menu and party. Fortunately, it was an exciting game, so all guests were able to enjoy a good game and a great meal.

The values of Lotus House are like the values one can read about in National Life Group reviews. Lotus House looks to help mothers and children in need by providing rent free shelter for up to a year. They also work to empower their guests to help them find education, jobs and affordable housing that will improve their lives. A lot of the women who bring their children to Lotus House are homeless due to domestic violence. These families need help and deserve any special accommodations they can receive.

It’s the goal of National Life Group to deliver peace of mind to their customers. Their commitment to serving the communities they work in has led to success since 1848. National Life Group will always look to embody their motto and give back to the communities they serve.

National Life Group Reviews
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